Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Those who promote the gun culture especial beyond small arms and single shot weapons up to and including heavy weaponry are not interest in the safety of the public only their own profit and its guaranteed that the main people in the gun lobby of America are weapons manufacturing businesses if even there was gun control even to the level of single shot and small arms weaponry which are more favoured by the American Public their profit margins would sink to such a level that many would be forced out of business. It is the multi firing weaponry that is causing the majority of casualties in American mass shooting the single shot weaponry cannot cause the same amount of damage and casualties as the multi firing weapons The single shot weaponry if used on the public would give Law enforcement agencies a greater chance of stopping the shooter and reducing the casualty numbers. This will not end the possibility of more mass killings but it will reduce their numbers and their frequencies the only danger then would come from the sniper.. But the American Leader has as is evident to his reaction to even discussing gun control in America reveals who in fact holds his reigns in far as gun control is concerned and gives an insight into the influence the gun lobby had on him being elected from what he declare as one of his election promises. But if there was put into place multi firing weaponry control this in effect would not mean he has failed in his election promises to the public of America for self protection just the opposite greater gun control in this manner would give the public the means of self protect and the added bonus of protection from the terrorist and the disturbed from the gaining easy access multi firing weapons and beyond.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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