Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God to all the Nations of the Earth that My wrath and anger is come upon mankind for the manufacturing of all modern weaponry especially of the weapons of mass destruction rather would I have it that mankind would not study war and death and destruction but study peace and the saving life and not taking it by any means whatsoever, but this I do say there shall come a time when all of mankind will learn war no more that they will lay down and destroy all the weapons of war to look after and protect the Earth and all the creatures in it. For mankind’s eyes shall be turned away from seeking the destruction of other Nations cultures and peoples which in effect hath already begun in that mankind now is seeking to reverse the destruction that mankind has already caused realising the survival of the creature and the environment and mankind themselves is and has been since the beginning mankind’s responsibility which I gave unto they. The destruction of mankind’s environment will in the end result in mankind’s destruction not only through the damage done by mankind but also because of My wrath and anger to befall mankind for neglecting that responsibility I gave mankind in the first place to look after and to cherish and protect all the creatures of the Earth and even the Earth itself. Mankind must realise that they along with all the creatures of the Earth the fowls of the air the creatures of the seas even the seas and land and environment are all one complete interdependent whole take away one part of creation and the whole will fall apart as thou art now seeing the beginning of in the pollution of the seas the air and the deaths caused by mankind of the creatures and the vegetation and the trees and the creatures in the seas. The trees for example are a major part of the lungs of the Earth if they were all destroyed the air would eventual become unbreathable the creatures would being first to die and with pollution already in the atmosphere mankind would soon follow and the Earth would become a dead and barren planet long before any plan for the survival of mankind could be put into practice.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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