Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say unto thee as concerning the UK and the attitude of the EU towards the present UK Government I say these Words as I have thus said afore Judge Not least ye shall be Judged for with what Judgement ye Judge others so shall ye be Judged but it is not those whom ye Judged that shall Judge thee but I Myself in as far as ye of the EU Judge the UK Parliament ye it is who have the least right to Judge others for many of the EU Nation when they come before Me as a Nation hath much to answer for in as far as thy past crimes against humanity is concerned. They Might have forgiven thee of thy crimes as Nations but it is that thy Judgment by Me hath yet to come, for I say as they have been merciful unto thee so shall I be merciful unto them when they come before My Judgment throne but unless thy repentance is true and from the heart mercy shall be in short supply. Thus it seems unto Me by thine attitude towards the Uk and its Government which is suffering troubles a present in stead of being like vultures circling dying prey thou should be there as the UK has been there in thy times of need swift to come to thine aid. But I do say it is thine own rigidity that shall thy downfall for it is that the one that does not bend in the wind is by it uprooted and cast down to the ground broken beyond repair. Thus say I in as far as this government is concerned it might be going through troubled days but as with all storms soon they pass and so shall this government survive its storm if it trust totally in Me saith the Lord God of Hosts and come out the other side stronger and more United than it was before. There is a say amongst mankind he who laughs last laughs longest will it be so with this government towards thee of the EU.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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