Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time in as far as a Nation seeking to have sanctions place upon it because of its Nuclear program heading towards creating Nuclear weaponry lifted and agrees to halt its Nuclear weapons program if certain sanctions are lifted and the western Nations agree to have certain sanctions lifted if it agrees also in part to refrain from creating weapons grade Nuclear materials though continuing to advance its domestic Nuclear program and negotiations thus reach an agreed stage with both sides in a negotiated agreement meeting their part in that the west lifts certain sanctions and the Nation involved keeps to its side of the negotiated agreement and restricts its Nuclear program for domestic use only. The question must be asked can it be trusted to keep to its side of the agreement if it at the same time when western citizens visit that Nation imprisons them without the due process of the Law in that proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have committed the offences they are accused of when indeed as the American Natives say are they speaking with a forked tongue which that Nation seems to do in that on a National level when two sides of its Nation the Judiciary and the Military are at loggerheads over the crimes committed by the western detainees. It brings to the for front one question which side is in charge of that Nations Nuclear Program are there two sides to it one controlling the domestic and the other the Military aspect of their Nuclear program or are there two Nuclear programs one Domestic one Military one in full view one hidden from sight. The other aspect of the situation being the detainment of western citizens is it in keeping with the teachings of their Faith which they profess so ardently to keep to. Thus I have so said there is nothing hidden that shall not be brought out into the light to be seen by all especially the hidden things of wickedness immorality and injustice for Justice is Mine saith the Lord God I shall bring down upon the heads of the unjust the cruel the heartless and unmerciful their Just due.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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