Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee of this Nation the blatant arrogance of the EU is being displayed in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned and its impatience with the UK in settling its commitments and the bill the EU claims Britain owes it when infect the UK owes the EU not one British penny rather its the EU that owes the UK . But hath Britain not said it will honour its commitments because unlike the EU Britain is an honourable Nation that when it gives its Word it is almost like being written in stone. It is only when others treat it and its Nations government in arrogant pride almost as if the UK was a back water Nation that Britain retaliates for this Nation is a tolerant Nation which should never be mistaken as weakness that when threaten will meekly give into those making such deadline threats as the EU is now seeming to make towards the UK of which Britain’s counter threat if it was such a Nation as thou wouldst say tarred with the same brush as the EU make a counter threat and set its delaine is either come up with a viable or proposal for trade deal beneficial to the UK within the next two weeks or the UK will withdraw from these negotiations which are basically one sided and possibly leave the EU without any deal whatsoever. The deals that the EU are seeking to make with the UK as said are one sided all in favour of the EU and no deal is better than a bad deal. Who does the EU think its dealing with a Nation like say Greece which when threatened by the EU central government gave into the EU’s demands almost immediately. Britain has come through two World wars with European dictators victorious and will in no way give into the threatened deadlines of a weak and crumbling Union that is relying on British money to bail it out of the economic problems now facing it. Even coming forth with the claim Brexit can be reversed unlike the EU Britain keeps its word to its people and when it says its leaving you can be assured it shall honour its commitment to its people. The word from the British Government because of the EU’s arrogance and lack of respect should be a beneficial trade deal or no deal at all.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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