Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I AM THAT I AM unto thee the creator of the Universe and all that in it is and of all that is was and ever shall be. that indeed there is nothing new under the Sun as I did say in My Word. Civilizations come and go rise and fall and now this western civilization is shall fall and great shall be the fall thereof if it continues on the path it is at present. Thus it is when a civilization crosses the boundary from obedience to My Holy Law and commandments especially My most Holy Moral Law in to immorality Lawlessness wickedness and corruption and the disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as with past civilizations this one must of necessity be Judged and if found corrupt wicked and immoral and beyond redemption must fall and be cast down, though it is that this civilization hath not yet reach that stage and is willing to undo some of the damage it has done to the planet and to the creatures thereon and is not just willing to sit on the side lines doing nothing about the plight of many persecuted and massacred people in the World as it did with Aleppo but is willing to take the necessary action to stop it thus say I then mercy can still be forth coming. But the Nations which have committed such crimes have be Judged and now it shall be as I struck the Nations in the Caribbean and South and central America so shall I strike these with whirlwind and storm fire and flood by the rumbling of the Earth beneath their feet and the awakening of volcanoes. Yet if this civilization still refuses to take heed of all the warnings of My Word through My servants throughout the ages written down in My Holy Word and still follows the path of other civilizations sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of wickedness corruption and immorality thus when this civilization reaches the point of no return then it must of necessity be cast down and destroyed totally by the full force of My Wrath and anger leaving behind as others only evidence of its existence and demise as it hath been so with all civilizations that have risen and fallen since Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus say I let the fall of other civilizations be a lesson and a warning unto thee not to follow in their footsteps. Thus it is that this civilization hath but one chance which is to change direction and to obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments when he whom I have appointed to Judge all the Nations of the Earth by My Holy Law and Commandments and those not cast down and destroyed when all the Nations of the Earth have been Judged begin to walk upon the paths of righteousness these shall be redeemed saith the Holy One of Israel for even for My own Names sake shall this come to pass saith the only true redeemer of all of the Holy People and of those who belong unto Me throughout the Nations of the Earth.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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