Thus saith the Lord Go of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that this Western civilizations end is in sight for as like unto other civilizations this one has become so arrogant and proud and decadent and immoral and Lawless but not by mankind’s measure of lawlessness but by that measure as set down in My Word also by its neglect of its moral responsibility to the population of this civilization that suffers from homelessness poverty sickness neglect of the disabled from cruel oppression slavery now termed people trafficking. A civilization that is more concerned about its economy than about its people’s welfare. That wastes resources on useless projects costing billions that offers no real benefit to mankind only to the coffers of the rich and powerful. A civilisation that is steeped in decadent and immoral practices casting off gradually all restraint sinking deeper and deeper into the miry pit of depravity believing that there is nothing wrong in what they are doing casting off all manner of moral sensibility and kindness and mercy replacing real love between two people with the physical act which mankind now calls making love. No one can make true Love and the physical joining of two people is the outwardl expression of the inward and heartfelt Love between a man and a woman, but the act of physical joining alone without the inward emotion of true love is not Love but is merely the lust of the flesh and outside of marriage by My Holy Law and commandments is condemned as immoral and forbidden the physical act of the joining of two people is for procreation alone not for pleasure in itself, the true reward in the act of the Love of two people consumating their love for each other in the physical expresion of that love is not pleasure alone but the birth of a child being the fruit of that love. True Love is a selfless caring for another person or people to the extent of giving and giving and giving again to the one you love until there is nothing left to give except one’s own life for the life of another whether it be a child a wife or what thou doth call a partner or father or mother or a mother for a child or children and the extreme act of love is the willingness to give a persons life for even an enemy. As the True Passover Lamb of God reveals to all of mankind the ultimate act of Love by taking upon Himself all of the punishment due to those who believe in Him taking their place past present and future in Judgment and suffering in their place all that is and was and will be their just due for all of their sins/crimes unbeleif and rebellion and the first sin in eden. Suffering in their place even death itself and rising there from which proved the acceptance of the sacrifice of Love freely and willingly given and the pardoning and counting as righteous through His righteousness those for whom He took their place. Thus say I that indeed it is only My Love for all of mankind saith the only true Living Eternal God and creator that I have restrained Myself many a time from wiping mankind from the face of the Earth the Ultimate example hath been when I flooded the Earth having regretted in anger ever creating mankind at all. The only thing which did stop Me was the righteousness of Noah and My Image in which I did create all of mankind in. But since then civilizations and Empires have risen and because of pride and arrogance have sunk deep and deeper in decadent lawless living that hath aroused Mine anger and still after warning them if they did not turn from their lawless immoral decadence that I would have to destroy them and their Empires and civilizations they took no notice even to the extent of persecuting those who believed in Me and still after further warnings and the rejection of them though I would rather they turn from their wickedness they would not and thus it hath been throughout the ages of mankind that these I have had to totally wipe from the face of the Earth by wind and fire by Earth quake and volcano by flooding famine plague and disease thus now it is that this civilization hath gone the same way as these have and unless this civilization changes direction then I shall have no other alternative than according to My Holy Law and Commands but to Judge condemn and punish and destroy this civilization utterly and totally

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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