Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The present actions in Parliament on tabling all the amendments to the present withdrawal bill put before parliament is the acts of remainers seeking to sabotage Brexit. But instead of sabotaging it they will in the end only ensure that the bill will be passed. The amendments voted on and added to the withdrawal bill will in the end have little or no effect in any way and manner of the actual withdrawal of the UK from the EU with either a good, fair or no deal whatsoever, in fact these amendments of which some of the present government fear could delay significantly the exiting of the UK from the EU are unfounded but in as far as those who are tabling so many amendments with the hope of delaying or even reversing Brexit may as well withdraw them for the effect it will have on Brexit the date and time of the actual leaving of the UK from the EU has been set down from all eternity and cannot be altered, as is the deal that in the end the UK will receive from the EU government so both sides the UK and the EU would be better off sorting out the fine details dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and the signing of the agreements and accepting that the outcome is now inevitable. The present remainers in the Parliament remind Me saith the Lord God of spoilt children which have set their minds on getting their parents to buy them some toy or bars of chocolate or sweets and their parents have refused to buy it for them resulting in the children having tantrums and screaming fits determined to get their own way by hook or crook as some amongst thee would say it and this has been the temperament of the remainers since the referendum on Brexit they are determined to get their own way no matter what it cost or the damage it will do to the UK and its economy if Brexit now is halted or reversed. They along with many in the UK have to understand that once article fifty was triggered Brexit from that moment began and now has in effect become a juggernaut or an unstoppable force outside the control now of Parliament or the EU to halt it or reverse it. The war between the remainers and the leavers has already been fought and won and to keep on fighting the battles over and over again is an exercise in futility and should be brought to an end.

This the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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