Thus sith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee I have warned thee of My wrath and anger to come upon the Nations of the Earth and thou didst heed them not because of thine unbelief and hardness of heart thou didst say in thine heart that I existed not so I brought down upon thine heads disasters by whirlwind and fire earth quake and tornado storms and hurricanes yet because I am merciful desiring not even the death of the wicked held back the full fury of My wrath and anger striking not the lives of mankind that could and in the past have perished in such disasters hoping that thou would turn from thy disobedience to My Holy Law and Commandments and belief in Me saith the Holy One of Israel but thou wouldst not even though I did strike thy possessions and not thy lives yet still thy hearts were hardened and thou in thine heart thought if ye did not believe as is in thy mythology that I either would not exist because of unbelief or I would cease to exist. I am not as thy mythological so called gods who in thy mythology rely upon the worship and belief of their their followers. Whether thou believest or not is irrelevant to My existence, throughout the ages except in exceptional circumstances I have kept silent and hoped that mankind would come through the Word sent unto them through My servants throughout the ages to repent of their disobedience and their wickedness and immorality but instead they did pervert My Most Holy Word persecuted and put to death My servants. But in their Word where the warnings of the day of reckoning to come and thou dist think that the words of warning sent to thee now at this time were as afore time because their warnings did not immediately nor in the time following come to pass and be fulfilled thou didst believe they were so much hot air or a blowing in the wind and that I was just another part of humanities mythological writings passed down throughout the ages. Their warnings as the ones now are, are for this age and this time when all is to be fulfilled according to their warnings and My Holy Word as revealed and written down. Thus the Last warnings to come were as said the destruction of thy property thy lands thy houses and building but still ye heed not even these warnings but continued in thy wicked immorality and hard hearted unbelief and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments thus I said unto thee that one would come to Judge the Nations and rule them all with a rod of Iron as set down in My Word. But there shall be now only a warning to the Nations to be Judged of the full fury of my wrath and anger to come upon them if their Just Judgment and punishment is due. Thus far as one Nation hath been Judged weight in the balances and found guilty of the breaking of all of My Holy laws and commandments, thus far punishment for this Nation only just begun and shall continue until all is fulfilled according to the punishment due in My Word take note of this that Nation alone hath been punished on its border and its neighbouring Nation though suffering much in the destruction of property, loss of live hath been minimal as compared with the Nation punished. But be assured My Just Judgement shall come upon each Nation one by one until all the Nation of the Earth hath been judged and shall not cease until all according to My Most Holy Word hath been completed. Thus say I all the Nations of the Earth shall be indeed ruled by a rod of Iron by he who hath been chosen by Me to wield it. My Will saith the Holy one of Israel shall indeed be done upon the Earth as it is in the heavens and the heaven of heavens.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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