Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned Britain is because of a meaningless trade deal that will be offered once the British government gives into the EU demands on signing an agreement on the bill that the EU is not asking for the UK to fulfil, but is demanding that Britain fulfils its monetary obligations as the EU government puts it, to those commitments made to the EU as a member of the EU; note demands not asks or even is willing to compromise on and that has been the attitude of the EU throughout these negotiations it has set its red line, it set forth from the beginning its demands what it wanted of the UK on leaving. It is the UK that has set no red lines no demands and has been willing to compromise if the EU is also willing to compromise but will not if it is sticking ardently to its demands and is refusing to budge. Thus what if the British government stood its ground set its redlines beyond which it would not go and put forth its demands what it required of the EU upon leaving where would these negotiations have been now if Britain had, had the same attitude as the EU. These negotiations would have ended long ago. The EU is guilty of seeking to bully the UK into giving into not just one of its demand but all of them on the basis of winning a trade deal it has no intention of giving to the UK or it would have thus far either said so or hinted at. Its policy of making trade deals with Nations outside of the EU is the only one that the UK will ever be able to have with the EU and you can guarantee that is the only trade deal Britain is going to get from the EU of which it stated at the outset that it could and would not treat Britain any differently if it became independent from the EU than any other independent Nation seeking a trade deal with the EU and if the UK wanted to be part of the single market it would be under the same conditions as other Nations that are members of the single market but not members of the EU. Thus the British government must take the same stances as the EU government set its red lines make it its demand on what it wants from the EU on leaving and should be prepared to budge not so much as a millimetre the EU has had its own way in as far as these negotiations are concerned for too long it has to stop. Britain is not some back water third world country depending on the hand outs the EU is will to give it. With or without a trade deal Britain will prosper and grow outside of the EU. Plus the fact that if the EU continues on the path its going it will be the EU that will be seeking trade deals in future with the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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