Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I to all the Nations of the Middle East even unto Israel and unto every Nation therein one by one thou shalt be weight in the balances of My Just Judgment and if found wanting shall be punished thereby even as I have Judged one Nation and hath begun to execute My wrath and anger upon it for the Breaking of all of My Holy Law and Commandments as set down in My Word and for all of the bloodshed by that Nation which cries up from the ground for vengeance to be executed upon that Nation and that Government and for its actions in partaking in the war in Syria against not only the rebels but against its people as did the Syrian regime and still do with arrogance unto its own people with the backing of the Russian Military in Syria those who have partaken and do still partake in the atrocities of the past and at present I say unto thee thy cups of My Wrath and anger are filled up to overflowing ready to be poured out upon thee as I said I did set a time and a day and a season for the destruction and death of the Syrian Regime its Leader and its allies and all that took part in the atrocities committed upon the people of Syria and that time day and season draws nigh and is even at the door ready to be executed upon the guilty thus it is that I will strike the Land of Syria and of Lebanon and all those that aided the Syria government with Earth Quake and with fire with storm and with whirlwinds with famine and with plague one by one until all is accomplished as revealed in My Word Law and Commandments. Thus the full fury of My wrath and anger shall be so much so that that Syria shall become but a waste land fit only for the creatures of the desert of snake and scorpion and lizards and insect and desert dwellers. The cities towns and villages shall become deserted of human habitation only crumble mounds of brick and stone shall remain. What is the saying amongst thee pride comes before a fall thus the arrogance and the pride of the Syria Regime and its Leader has risen to such a height that his and their fall shall be like unto falling from the highest mountain to the very dust of the ground. As said his days are numbered and that number hath dwindled so much so that his appointed time will come upon him as thief in the night taking him from this Earth to be Judged condemned and cast out into outer darkness where the worm dieth not nor doth the fire ever go out. For its for all of mankind once to die and then comes Judgement all must come before My Throne to be Judge acquitted or punished according to that way as set down in My Word Law and Commandment.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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