Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto thee as concerning the past events in Syria and even now thine inaction in seeking to halt the atrocities that have been and are still being now committed by the Syrian regime they as said shall feel My wrath and anger descending upon them. But so shall the Nations which afore time stood by and did nothing to halt that regime and its allies committing the crimes they did against their own people causing their suffering by those weapons dropped on them from their aircraft and helicopters. But the weakness of the Nations was revealed in the use of excuses given by the west for not taking action in seeking to halt the crimes committed by the Russians and the Syrian regime as well as the actions of the regimes allies upon the ordinary civilians of Syria which shall indeed result in the full fury My Wrath and anger being poured out upon all the Nations and all the supporters of the Syrian regime that have committed crimes of commission and omission past and present thereof. My reason for refrain to punishing the Nations for their crimes of omission was My Hope for the Nations which committed the crimes of omission would be to offer reparation to those refugees cast forth from Syria and endeavour to give them a better standard of existence than when they first fled to the borders of Turkey and Iraq but still their meagre existence has not improved since they first arrived there. Thus it is now because of the resources that the rich Nations of the World posses of which they waste billions on riotous and luxurious living, on extravagant transport infrastructure expansions research that produces only intellectual and not practical benefits to mankind. The billions spent upon space exploration and research and the lack of diverting these resources to meet the obligations I have placed upon mankind to protect the planet and its creature to meet the needs of the poor, the homeless the destitute the sick the lame the blind the refugee the suffers from Natural disasters, famine and plagues. Think ye that I have placed such wealth and resources into thy hands for thine own selfish use NOT SO!. To put it bluntly those of mankind that use their resources and their wealth in such a manner have had their reward, heavens doors are and shall be forever closed to such as these and I shall indeed give them a reward for their actions and their crimes that they wanted not. For it shall be even that which thou now posses shall be taken from thee and thou shalt be cast down into the position and state of those thou hast neglected to care for. For I say these Words I give and I take away both lives and possessions thus now it is that I shall execute Just Judgment for the crimes of the whole of humanity past and present against each other against the creatures of the Earth and the destruction of the Earth’s environment. Thus it shall be in the future all crimes committed by humanity against each other shall be Judged and punished immediately until the dawn of Judgment day when all of mankind shall come before Me to answer for of all of their lives why they have lived as they have every, as thou would say it, second of their time on Earth from the womb to the grave.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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