Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of the Middle East and unto Israel in as far as that which afore time hath been put before thee in as far as the punishment of Syria and its allies for its crimes committed against the civilian population of Syria in that it murdered many thousands of its own people and caused others to flee to the borders of Turkey and Iraq and also into other Nations in which they now exist in extreme poverty and destitution. That punishment thus set to descend upon Syria and its allies will of a certainty come to pass as also for the neglect of the western Nations for their crimes of omission in that they neglected to do all they could have done to stop the atrocities being committed against the people of Syria so shall their punishment descend upon them even according to My Holy Word Law and Commandments. But it is that they alone of the Nations of the middle east are not the only ones that have committed crimes against civilian populations of the Middle East though not against their own people but crimes against the civilian populations of other Nations therein art they guilty of and as they are guilty of the crimes against defenceless civilians so shall it be that justice must be done in the punishment to come upon them for those crimes, now and in the life to come but not only shall punishment descend upon those Nations who commit and have committed such crimes but also upon those who supplied the weapons that were used to murder innocent civilians. My Just Judgment must of necessity descend upon these also it is if those who supplied the weapons on finding out in what way and how they were to be used and refused further weapon supplies I shall count as being innocent of being complicit in the murder of innocent civilians but if not the same just Judgment shall descend upon them also. Thus say from the borders of Russia and Turkey to Morocco all the Nation of the Middle East and North Africa shall be weighed in the balance of My Just Judgment one by one including and especially My Holy Nation even Israel for their following after the ways of the Gentile Nations and neglecting the obedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as set down and revealed in My Word delivered unto them by the hand of Mosher and their refusal to cleans all the Land of promise of all that pollutes it especially My Holy City wherein My Name shall once more reside. All shall be Judge and if found guilty of crimes against humanity and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments by My hand shall their punishment be accomplished.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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