Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel in as far as Britain leaving the EU is concerned said I not what hath thus been declared by the EU negotiator that there is no chance whatsoever of the UK having access to the single market and the customs Union. But I say this that which hath been said as concerning the so called progressive free trade deal of which the EU is stating it will offer the UK if it meets all of the EU terms and conditions as set down by the EU, beware even considering what the EU proposes without knowing what the structure of this so called free trade deal is. The UK must be given a good or even comprehensive idea of what the free trade deal the EU is proposing to offer the UK before even considering meeting and signing up to and delivering on the conditions as set down by the EU before accepting the trade deal that the EU says it is going to offer the UK. But upon the statement made by the EU negotiator now the UK government knows where it stands in relation to the EU as said Brexit means Brexit. Meaning whether or not the UK meets all the demand and conditions set down by the EU Britain will be in the same position as any other none member Nation wishing to trade with the EU. No single market status no access to the customs union with the possibility of having to accept or reject the proposed trade deal especially if it doesn’t meet with parliamentary approval and being in the same position of other countries having to go through extended periods of time seeking a trade deal with the EU that is acceptable to both the EU and the Nation seek a trade deal. Thus say I there are no guarantees now by both sides of these Brexit negotiations that all the conditions set down by both sides will be met. Thus it is now that the UK has to decide which path it will chose a hard Brexit and a so called soft Brexit trusting in the EU to deliver on its promise of a progressive trade deal without any legal guarantees it will deliver and if it did make legal guarantees it will deliver will the guarantees be worth the paper their written on remember the Cameron negotiations the result. The EU negotiator has virtually declared how the UK is going to leave the EU whether or not the UK meets the terms and conditions as set down by the EU or not. The only way the UK is leaving the EU is without any access to the EU trading markets and in as far as the EU is concerned Britain is leaving the EU full stop. But will the EU’s progressive trade deal like the carrot on long pole leads the donkey entice the UK to meet all the EU terms and conditions on trust that the EU will deliver on its promises or will the UK demand that the trade deal offered will be legal and binding and the as afore said will it be worth the paper its written on and to repeat will parliament accept the trade deal offered or will they seek to place on it that many terms and condition to the deal that will cause it to sink like a proverbial brick.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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