Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jqcob

Thus say I unto thee upon that which is proposed by the present UK government offering any amount required by the EU beyond honouring commitments made as members of the EU required of the UK upon ending membership is totally out of order and is put in thy vernacular seek to rip the UK off.. When ending membership of any club or organization all that is required by the club or organization of the member ending membership is outstanding fees and or commitments made as members. There are no clubs or organizations when any member seeks to end membership requires of that member any amount up to the point of ending membership beyond what the member upon joining agrees to according to the rules and regulations of that club or organizations as concerning membership fees and commitments and signs a document to that effect. Therefore the EU is only justifiable in requiring of the UK in as far as the UK ending its membership all fees and commitments it has signed up to upon joining any fees and or commitments agreed verbally upon and not signed up to legally cannot if the UK government feels justified in rejecting any claims not legally binding and signed up to. Which also covers other commitments legally sign up to after joining of which the EU government can therefore justifiably require of the UK upon the production of documents proving that the UK has indeed signed up to further commitments and is legally bound to fulfil those commitments. What is not Justifiable is the interference of the Justice System of any country in another country not legally bound by signed agreement to do so and then certain boundaries must be set beyond which the Justice system of another country cannot go. But it is internationally unprecedented for any independent Nations Justice system to have any influence on the Justice system of another country. The normal accepted practice is any person seeking to settle in any other country has to abide by the Laws of the Justice system of the country they are seeking to settle in. But if any agreement is made as concerning migrants seeking to settle in another country having the Justice system of their country of origin protecting their rights as the case is with the EU over migrants in the UK they because they are under the protection of their own Justice system cannot be class as British citizens entitled to the protection of the British legal system. Their status in effect is the same as diplomatic representatives of foreign governments. What the EU has to consider is as diplomats can be evicted from a foreign Nation so also the migrants be evicted from the UK. But also in effect they all will have diplomatic immunity same as foreign diplomats which leads to all sorts of legal complications

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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