Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time the scaremongers are at it again seeking to predict the future and forecast the future state of the British economy which will not come to pass as what is set in as far as the future for this country economically is and shall be based upon two factors after Brexit has been completed and the UK has left the EU and those two factors are obedience and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments the first will bring prosperity the second will bring poverty in every sense of the Word. There is not one organization no matter how they gather data facts and figures and past fluctuations in the economy can mathematical forecast or predict the future state of the British economy and in seeking to do so as the future will prove is a futile exercise. Thus say I only I know future even every aspect of that which is to befall the whole of mankind for every iota of the existence of the whole Universe is known unto Me from before the existence of mankind upon the face of the Earth I know the end from the beginning even all that has gone before is coming to pass and all that shall come to pass in as far as every Nation upon the face of the Earth each destiny of mankind has been set and is being fulfilled even according to My Holy Will and purposes and shall continue to be until that day when the end for mankind upon the Earth shall come about even as it hath been set down in My Word all things say I even as My Word says work together for good in as far as the righteous and the unrighteous the believers and unbelievers the upright and the fallen are concerned every one upon the Earth has a set destiny and that destiny I hold in the palm of My Hand for the righteous and the upright and the believer the heaven of heavens and everlasting life in My Presence the wicked and the unrighteous and the unbeliever to be banished into everlasting darkness of the bottomless pit forever where the fire of regret goes not out and the worm of everlasting torment dieth not. But in as far as Myanmar is concerned I have weighed it in My Balances and have Judged it for all the crimes it hath committed against those of its own people that belong to what mankind terms as an ethnic minority which it persecuted and murdered to the extent of it being quite literally ethnic cleansing an atrocity equal to that committed by Syria on the civilians of Aleppo if not worse I have set the punishment for this Nation of which mercy shall not be forth coming unless these people are allowed to return be given back their land and be recompense for the destruction of their possessions. If this therefore is not forthcoming those on the borders of Bangladesh and Myanmar will escape that which at My hands shall Just punishment of all of those guilty of committing crimes against those who have been murdered those who are imprisoned in a make shift prison and have cause these people to flee to Bangladesh’s border. Thus say I, I shall not relent until all those guilty have been punished and Justice has been done and seen to be done.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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