Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the Northern Ireland and the refusal of Sinn fein to share power has nothing to do with the Democratic Unionist party the reasons it is giving are just excuses and once the reasons are addressed it will find other excuses for not sharing power. The Good Friday agreement and power sharing in Northern Ireland was formed when the UK was a member of the EU with no sign of Brexit on the horizon and a referendum on membership was far from the minds of the Nation never mind the political parties of the UK, greater integrations of the member states was being discussed in the EU parliament and the possibility of a single European Military. Therefore greater integration of the EU for Ireland to both Sinn Feign and Ireland as a whole meant the possibility Ireland in the future would finally be united. But while Britain was a member and there were virtually no borders between North and South Ireland was United in all but Name and self rule in Northern Ireland brought the possibility of a united Ireland closer. Then the referendum happened and Britain voted to leave, Sinn Feign under its then leaders were still convince that either Britain would change its mind or in some way remain part of the EU until article fifty was triggered and the EU negotiator said that Britain could not remain a member of the single market and the customs union without being a member of the EU that Britain could not cherry pick its relationship with the EU on leaving which meant a hard border between Northern and Southern Ireland because of the free movement of goods and people which all member states have to adhere to. Which meant for Sinn Feign and the Irish Government any idea of the possibility of a United Ireland was slowly slipping away and the spectre of a hard Brexit loomed on the horizon and Sinn Fein said it was no longer willing to share power with the DUP and gave the excuses it did for not willing to share power yet it still said it would adhere to the good Friday agreement. At virtually the same time the Irish Government stated that it didn’t want to return to the days of a hard border between North and South of Ireland and started discussions between the UK government and the EU how a soft or open could be worked out knowing full well because of the rules and regulations of the EU in as far as the free movement of goods and people that a soft or open border would contravene the rules and regulations on the free movement of goods and people and that a hard border would if Northern Ireland remained a part of the UK would be the only outcome the only other way for a soft or open border for the North and South of Ireland would be for the UK to give up Northern Ireland and let it be reunited with Southern Ireland which to the Irish Government and Sinn Fein is the only answer they as the answer to the Irish border problem . Which the UK government will not even consider happening. The question is if a hard border then happens would power return to the UK central Government or would some other form of self rule be found and would Sinn Feign break the good Friday agreement and return to its former activities and with pockets of the Ira still in existence and active in Southern Ireland would the previous troubles return those are questions which have to be answer and the possibilities prepared for. For the only ambitions of Sinn Fein and the Irish government as has been revealed is a United Ireland, which also the EU agrees is the only way a soft or open border between North and South according to the rules and regulations of the EU could be achieved as is a similar problem with Spain and its border.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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