Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as concerning the Irish border dispute and the threatened veto on trade talks, also the aims and ambitions of Ireland to become a United country with the North returning to become once again part of Ireland. No matter as said what is discussed in as far as the Northern Irish border is concerned no solution except full Unity with the South after Brexit will be acceptable to Sinn Fein and the Irish Government but even if a solution is found and the threat of the Irish veto on trade talks lifted there will be the matter of the Border dispute between Spain and Gibraltar and its threatened veto unless Gibraltar becomes rejoined to Spain according to its claims of sovereign over Gibraltar of which the EU has said it will back the Spanish claim of sovereignty over the Rock of Gibraltar. Thus in effect this negates the Irish threat of veto until the dispute over Spain’s claims is dealt with. Thus as said afore there is only one way Britain can leave the EU and that is by a hard Brexit for it will be inevitable that in as far as the trade talks are concerned there will arise other disputes for there are twenty seven Nations that are a part of the EU that will most assuredly have terms and conditions on Brexit that they will want to see met. These two veto’s are but the tip of the Ice berg looming on the horizon of the Brexit negotiations. But a question must be asked in as far as Brexit is concerned is Britain now in effect fighting for its independence politically from the EU. For Britain has been virtually ruled by the EU government in Brussels since Joining. What is one of the main reasons for Britain leaving the EU it is for Britain to regain its sovereignty from the EU. One example of a war of indpendence that stands to the for front is the American war of independence from British colonial rule. Not saying that the leaving of the UK will lead to all out war, but the American example and other examples of past independence conflicts don’t bode well for a peaceful Brexit politically if not physically.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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