Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee for the treatment of the Rohingya peoples; in what was called Burma and but has been renamed Myanmar; by not only the Military but by the civilians population as well even to the extent of not recognising them a citizens of that Nation which indeed I saith the Holy one of Israel do for all of mankind in MY eyes are equal and all are citizens a part of and the chief of My creation though fallen. The treatment of this ethnic minority people is the work of a cruel barbaric unfeeling inhumane people who are no better than cruel barbarians twice dead plucked up by their roots ready to be cast into the fire for the burning which most assuredly they will be if they continue to treat this ethnic minority in the way they thus have done so. But apart from this their very own professed National religion; though is contrary to My Holy Law Commandments of which I saith the Holy One of Israel condemn; yet doth it not teach that all life is precious from the smallest insect the larges creatures of land sea and air especially human life and are not the peoples of the ethnic minority human beings and is not thy treatment of them a denial of thine own humanity and the principles thou doth profess to hold to. Denial of the their existence as a part of thy Nation is a denial of thine own and a denial of thy right to exist as the Myanmar/Burmese Nation and My right as the only true living God and creator to cause thy Nation to cease to exist at all. Thus ye have been weight in the balances and have been found wanting and the Judgment of thee is guilty of the persecution of thine own people and the punishment thereof shall be even according to that which is set down in My Holy Law and Commandments. But not only thy Judgement is assured but the Judgment of the Nations that if they really wanted to could have protected and helped and could still help but are also guilty of inhumane action in leaving this people in dire poverty destitution and liable to be cruel persecuted. It seems as though the Nations are again guilty as they were in protecting the civilians of Syria of the crimes of omission standing on the sidelines doing little or nothing thus say I unto thee as thou hast sown so shalt thou reap the whirlwind of My wrath and anger for thine inaction.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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