Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

If the united Nation Security Council believes it is acceptable to support and back a Nation that is in the process of Bombing innocent civilians on behalf of another Government legitimate or not is the right action for a supposedly humanitarian organization whose main principles are the protection of all human life and the peaceful resolution of those conflicts that result in extensive lose of civilian human life and if it believes it is the right action to take then it is no longer the Humanitarian organization it professes to be and should be disbanded but on saying that it is the most ineffective and at the moment in as far as resolving conflicts and dealing with humanitarian disasters especially the one in Myanmar it is the most useless organization on Earth and is therefore as guilty of crimes against humanity as is that Nation that is in the process of literally decimating the civilian population of Yemen. But the British government is also guilty of the same crime especially when it believes that British Jobs are more valuable than human lives especially the civilian lives of the Yemeni people which begs the state of the hearts of those business that sell these weapons to those Nation that see nothing wrong in bombing civilians to death and creating a situation where in the population of the Yemen are in a state of starvation and disease. Thus say I unto all involved you have sown to the whirlwind death and destruction upon these people and thou shalt reap the whirlwind of destruction that shall be returned upon thee tenfold unless this devastation of a civilian population is brought to an end. Thus it seems that the only way that will get North Korea to respond to diplomatic dialogue is to threaten the arming of South Korea with Nuclear weapons though arming South Korea with Nuclear weapons poses a threat to the whole of the Korean peninsula’s stability the North Korean regime will be more responsive to take part in diplomatic dialogue knowing that any action that regime takes will result in an almost immediate response from a Nation much closer than America. But the threat alone of arming South Korea with Nuclear weapons will almost immediately meet with an angry response from the North Korean Leader but will lead to the demand for the withdrawal of the intention to arm South Korea with Nuclear weapons of which the response from the west could be they will consider not doing so only if North Korea opens up to diplomatic dialogue with the west on the Korean Nuclear problem brought about by the North Korean regime.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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