Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee the American leader should not Judge least he be Judged especial on the matter of radical ethnic terrorism which exist in his own country from various factions especially one political extremist fascist group and also his comments can equally be applied to all European Nations as well as the UK by implication for all European Nations have Muslim citizens. It seems that this Leader is begging to take America back into international political Isolationist territory if he sees nothing wrong in targeting British Muslim citizens by calling them Islamic terrorist and by repeating extremist right wing videos on the internet and by his comments insulting Britain’s political Leaders, the seeds of religious persecution are sown by such people and leaders. As said he should not Judged least he be Judged for by what measure he judges I saith the Lord God of Host shall Judge him especial his extremist attitude towards North Korea which could provoke the North Korean leadership to go down a path that neither they nor the World’s Nations leaders want it to go. Thus by the American rhetoric in the UN it looks as though the Leader of America is doing his utmost deliberately to provoke North Korea into action it would not otherwise take. His backing of an extremist right wing group just reveals his own political persuasion that he in fact is a right wing extremist himself and everyone knows on which path all right wing extremist Leaders walk and their final destination.


This the Word of the Lord God to thee


From the prophet of the Lord

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