Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as concerning Brexit and the second stage of negotiations on a Free trade deal which states that the second stage of negotiation cannot go ahead until an agreement on a free unfettered Irish Border can be agreed upon and put into place which virtual means that the EU and the Irish Government are seeking to blackmail the British Government into meeting the Irish Government demands upon a totally free as said unfettered Border which in effect means that the Irish Government is seeking to force the UK into giving up Northern Ireland or the EU will in no way advance the Brexit negotiations to the second stage on a future trade deal with the EU. The proof of the Irish Government seeking to reunite the North with the South can be seen in the suggestions put forward for a border between Ireland and the UK one being offshore between Northern Ireland and the UK main land which the UK rejected outright as that in effect meant that Northern Ireland would remain in the EU with Southern Ireland and in effect in all but Name would mean Northern Ireland would effectively be a part of Southern Ireland it being pointless to be independent from the South being also within the EU and cut off after Brexit from the UK. Thus this also points to EU rules and regulations in as far as Borders with members and none members of the EU are concerned the only viable border between Northern and Southern Ireland has to be a hard one because there is only one kind of Border can exist between the UK and Northern Ireland after Brexit either a hard border or no border and a no border means a reunited Ireland. The same threat by Spain was stated in that it would veto any negotiations with the UK if Gibraltar was to leave the EU along with the UK. Thus if the UK doesn’t meet the demands of the Irish government there will be no second stage of the Negotiations and no Free trade deal and if that is not blackmail I don’t know what is. So it comes down to the wire as thou wouldst say it if the demands of the Irish and the Spanish are not met then what is the sense of carrying on with the Brexit negotiations which will be deadlock! For the UK will not give in to the Either of these demands and the EU will not advance the Negotiations until the Irish and Spanish governments demands are met in other Word a hard boarder and a hard Brexit bought about not by the UK but forced upon the UK by the EU and the Spanish and Irish governments. For it there is an inkling of the UK giving in to either demands will meet with opposition especial from the DUP which has stated it will no longer support the present Government which could lead to another general election. How wouldst thou put it in as far as this Government is concerned it is between a rock and a hard place or between the Adversary and the deep blue sea. Or as I would put it saith the Lord God of Host even the creator and maintainer of the whole of creation and Universe in whom the whole of mankind lives and moves and has their being even in Me saith the Holy One of Israel.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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