Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time as concerning two Governments one that is going fall and great shall be the fall thereof never to rise to power ever again for it is going to have all its secrets brought out into the open to be seen by all of that Nation well did I say there is nothing hidden that shall not be brought out into the light to be seen by all of mankind even all the hidden things of darkness and all manner of immorality, great wickedness, idolatry, corruption, bribery, fraud and betrayal. The other that is to fall is that government that is at the moment teetering on the edge of a precipice seeking a way to resolve the issue of the Irish Border which the EU and the Irish government are seeking at present to force the British government to find a solution to the problem of the Irish Border of which there can be only one solution and none other unless the Government agrees to remain a member of the customs Union and the single market, for even the EU and the Irish government cannot find a solution except one of the two herein presented, membership of the customs union and the single market for Northern Island which means also the UK will in effect agree by association to remain a member of both or to set up a hard border between Northern and Southern Ireland the only other solution being a none starter from the beginning a United Ireland. On the one hand is backing down on one of the main principles of Brexit or agreeing to Northern Ireland being united with the South and on the other effectively speaking a total hard Brexit with no trade deal. Which as afore said the EU and the Irish Government are seeking to force Britain to come up with the solution to a frictionless free border when in fact their only answer is one of two, an EU Border in the Irish sea between Ireland and Britain or a United Ireland the EU having explained the EU’s position to the Irish Government that by its own rules and regulations as concerning EU borders and the free movement of goods and people it has its hands tied if Britain wants the type of Brexit Britain is determined to have, total independence from the EU, unless the EU can reform its rules and regulations on Border control and the free movement of goods and people there is but one solution only and that is a hard border which in the end will come about. Thus the EU and the Irish government know there are only two answers to the Irish border question one is a hard border with no trade deal and a hard Brexit and the possibility of a No confidence vote of the present Government and the other is Britain remaining in the single market or a reuniting of the North and South of Ireland and the possibility of the DUP bringing the present government down. No matter which way the British government goes on the Irish border Issue it will have to face defeat and the possibility of a general Election the problem is if that happens and the opposition become the next Government they will have to face the same Issues over the Irish Border and that is if the EU is willing to wait for the result of another General Election. But the question remains is there any answer to the Irish border problem and the answer is yes for any party if a general election happens a hard border or no border, no border in the EU and a hard border after Brexit and no trade deal for the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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