Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee saith Adonai even the only true Living God, creator of the Universe and Saviour of mankind through the promised Messiah. Better it would have been and is that this Government had sought a General Election rather than be held to ransom by a party that is not even a ruling party or a power sharing party of a devolved Government that alone is seeking to impose its will not only on Northern Island but the whole of the UK a party in Government that is unable except by reliance on a small insignificant party that cannot find a way to compromise on power sharing according to the good Friday agreement, to govern the UK doesn’t deserve to be the Governing party of the UK well did I warn thee of the consequence of forming an alliance with this party, the question is not right or wrong in as far as the DUP is concerned but its influence on major decision making of the Government of the UK in the present Brexit ongoing negotiations. Thou didst ignore that warning and now the situation is that if thou doth give into the demands of this party then thou art not the Governing party of the UK the DUP is and if a vote of no confidence either by thy party of thy parties leadership or a vote of no confidence by parliament in the ability of the present party in Government to govern the UK then thou hast as I have said many a time he or she who sows in the political field without taking stock of what kind of seeds they are sowing good seeds reap the rewards of a rich abundant harvest of success and prosperity but if bad seeds are sown the only harvest that shall be reaped is the whirlwind of disaster. I AM THAT I AM even the only true and living redeemer God and creator saith unto thee that I am no respecter of persons all n My sight are equal and answerable unto Me alone none other and the Government of the Earth and the Universe is Mine also all thing live and move and have their being in Me saith the Lord of Host. I whom am infinity perfect in all aspects of My being without limitation of any kind.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet f the Lord

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