Thus saith the Lord God f Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God and Saviour of mankind the answer to solving the North Korean problem is simply this to look properly at the action of this dictator as a whole right from the beginning which will reveal to thee how to deal with him and his regime. Look at the way he seeks to provoke the West with his rhetoric and threatening actions of his missile tests and how he reports his successes to the North Korean Nation and to the World and the response he gets from all the News Media of the World. This dictator is not after provoking either the West Japan South Korea of America to go to war with North Korea which can be seen when he knows that he has gone too far by either Japan South Korea or America are beginning to have military exercises either in the South China seas or on the South Korean Main Land in response to his missile tests or puts in place Nuclear missile defences in South Korea or along the American coast line that is in the firing line of a Nuclear Missile attack then he accuses the West south Korea or America of aggressive provocation against North Korea and the North Korea regime. How long has it been between Missile tests the amount of time it takes for the World media to lose interest in him, his regime and North Korea. The answer to the Leader is destroy his ego and you destroy him all he is about is looking good in the eyes of his people looking like a powerful world leader who can threaten the main worlds super power and frightens them with his Nuclear Weapons and they can’t do anything to stop him. What happens when the eyes of the World are taken off him and the North Korean Nation, he tests another missile claiming to be more powerful than the last. But make no mistake in that I am suggesting that he and his regime are not a danger to the rest of the World’s Nations like all egotistical maniacs they are a danger to all of mankind and feeding their ego by the attention they get from the Worlds media makes them even more dangerous as two world wars have proven. For all it takes is one slip up one missile landing on foreign soil or a Nuclear war head on a ballistic Missile to be fired accidently and thou knowest what follows. This is why America and the Nuclear Nations of the World have such stringent security and a whole set of sophisticated safe guards in place to guard against the accidental firing of a Nuclear missile but what about the safe guards North Korea has in place if any are they adequate and open to inspections no! Therefore the actions of those Nations taking extreme defensive measures are totally justified and will be until he and his regime can assure that the safe guards against Nuclear accidents in place are adequate.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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