Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of host of the heaven of heavens Israel is My Holy Nation and Jerusalem is My Holy City wherein the House to My Holy Name shall be raised up and it shall be called a House of prayer for all the Nations of the Earth those Nations that are righteous in My Sight through the blood of the true Passover Lamb even the Messiah typified in Egypt when I set My People free from most grievous bondage in the sacrificing of a new born Lamb without spot or blemish so they with hyssop t might be sprinkled upon the doors as a sign for the one whom thou doth call the angel of death might Passover the all the first born of My people and strike the first born of Egypt because they refused to let My people go free from bondage by the hand of Mosher who delivered unto them and unto all of mankind My Holy Law and commandments and at last I did by the hand of Joshua lead them into the promised land after which I lead Mosher into the wilderness to be taken up in to the heaven of heavens where he would come to dwell before My throne forever and ever as his reward for his services to Me and to the whole of Israel of whom I count him amongst My closest of friends and with whom on Earth I spoke to him face to face. But thus I say unto thee without the shedding of blood there is no remission for Sin/Crime the original sin/crime of disobedience that lead to the fall of mankind and the sins/crimes committed thence forth of unbelief and disobedience to all of the Holy Law and Commandments and thus when I say the shedding of the blood of a sinner/criminal in Mine own eyes it means the total shedding of blood of the sinner, but that blood also has to pure and holy devoid of all and any corruption. Thus it is He who is the true Passover Lamb was typified by the blood of a new born Lamb without spot or blemish perfect in every way without sin and thus as the sacrificial lamb died to save the first born of Israel so also is the Messiah a true Passover Lamb perfect without spot or blemish ready and willing to shed His perfect blood not only for My People Israel but for all of mankind who wished to be saved from the wrath to come upon all of the unrepentant of mankind who believed and do and will believe not and continue to break all of My Holy Law and Commandments. Those after Judgement that are to be banished into outer darkness in the bottomless pit that thou doth call hell forever without any remission whatsoever. But not only to take their place in Judgment but taking upon Himself all their punishment due for all of their sins transgressions and crimes against Me and My Holy Law so that they would become pure perfect and holy in My Sight perfectly righteous in every way but to not only to take their place but to conquer death for them not only physical death but also the last death Spiritual Death cut off from Me whom am the source of all life spiritual and physical banished as said into outer darkness wherein the light of life exists not. The land of Israel shall be cleansed of all that pollutes it Jerusalem shall be purified and the shall be once again My Holy City and the House to My Holy Name shall be raised therein wherein My Holy Name and presence shall dwell forever.


This is the Word of the Lord God to thee


from the prophet of the Lord.

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