Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus it is that already I have set forth unto thee in as far as Israel is concerned who has the right alone to say what is and is not so in as far as Israel and the promised Land is concerned that the Land of Israel even the promised land and the Holy City are Mine and Mine alone and Mine to give to whom I will and hath given it to by promise even as said unto Abraham and his descendents forever and to none other all who do and have dwelt safely in the land of promise except for |Israel have done so by My grace and favour and Mine alone. As set down in My Word so t is declared therein the people to whom I have given the land of promise to posses it forever and a warning goes out to all the Nations of the Earth in as far as the land of promise even Israel s concern as I have done with the Nations in the past in as far as the whole of Israel so shall I do again and it shall be that all the Nations and counsels of Nations shall know if they seek to impose their will on the land of promise and upon My People what it shall be to feel My Wrath and anger and the full fury descending upon them I shall strike these Nations far worse than I have afore time even unto utter and total destruction. Again as hath been set down n My Holy Word and Law and Commandments and according to the promise I gave unto Abraham and his descendents so shall it be of a certainty come to pass and as said it is I alone who has the right to give it to whom I have given it, that the Nations of the Earth have no right whatsoever to interfere in the internal affairs of Israel, the land of promise and Jerusalem. But as afore said in past times and hath revealed in My Word what shall happen in as far as the vale of Jezreel at a place called Megiddo where all the Nations shall gather together for the last great battle and the result revealed in My Word the end thereof is as set in stone and will of certainty come to pass well it would be to read and take heed of My Written Word and what is set down in as far as Israel is concerned and what the consequences shall be that shall befall any Nation that seeks to dispossess My People of any part of the land of promise, also what it reveals in as far as which people in the end that shall posses the Land of promise even Israel forever and ever. Which also is written as it were in stone? Thus as a stated any Nation that does interfere in the Land of Israel I saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the hosts of the heaven of heavens shall condemn forever whether well intentioned or not. For there are some persons and Nations who seek to gain the favour of My people but not for the well being of My people but for their own profit and glory well it is said that the way to that place thou callest hell is paved with good intentions. As My word says that the heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all things.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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