Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel to thee in as far as the UK’s true position in as far as Brexit is concerned the UK is leaving the EU voluntarily and should be dictating the terms and conditions in which the UK should be leaving the EU. But it has been right from the start that the EU has and is dictating how and when and under what circumstances terms and conditions the UK leaves the EU and getting away with it when it should have been the other way round. Britain should have in the beginning dictated the terms and condition on which it was leaving not the EU and should have set down what sort of deal that the UK wanted from the EU and the future relationship it wanted with the EU also the UK should have set firmly the red lines beyond it would not go. At the moment the EU not the UK is in charge of the negotiations and is setting down the terms and conditions under which it wants the UK to leave the EU. The UK’s Government and I mean all of parliament should have down the minimum negotiated deal it wanted from the EU and if it did not offer the UK that minimum deal within a certain time limit then the UK should have made the EU aware that it would of a certainty leave the EU without any deal whatsoever. But the Government and even all of Parliament have not simply the right leader who has the strength of character, guts and determination to stand up to the EU and its Government and the negotiators to state the position of the UK and that the UK would not give in to any of the EU’s demands that were not acceptable to Britain or the British people and Britain will not stand for being dictated to by the EU, its either a negotiated Brexit deal that is agreeable to both side and equally beneficial or no deal at all.! But there is a question that must be asked and answered why is the EU trying so hard to hold onto the UK as a member of the EU and if thou doth consider the whole of these negotiations that is what it looks like the EU is trying hard to do. Would the EU have held onto any other member state so tenaciously for instance if Poland or say Greece had decided to leave the EU or an minor member of the EU such as the Baltic states. No! What has to be considered is the value of the UK to the EU financial and in as are as trade and tourism to and from the UK is concerned and all the other common wealth countries that had to divert trade coming to and through the UK into Europe or abroad because of the UK becoming a member of the EU. If the EU is not trying hard to stop the UK leaving why is it demanding such a high amount from the UK if the EU was so financially stable it would not be demanding such a high price as thou doth it put for the divorce bill and putting both sides in the context of a marriage divorce the UK is being treated as the guilty party in causing the breakup of a marriage when in fact neither party is guilty it is a voluntary termination of the member of an organization or Union as the EU is and when a member tenders their resignation they settle all bills and fees and accounts and leave without any negotiations on leaving The membership of the UK is not the divorce of a marriage the UK is not and never has considered its membership of the EU being like unto a marriage it has been the voluntary member of an organization that is in essence nolonger a Democratic Union of member states but in effect is a republic.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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