Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time in as far as Israel and Jerusalem is concerned Israel even the Land of promise shall never be divided between the two peoples who reside with the Land only one people as promised to Abraham shall posses the land of promise forever and all who live within the land who are not of the children of Israel shall live in the land only if they will chose to live at peace and in harmony with My People saith the Holy One of Israel if they chose or seek not to live at peace with Israel then it is that they shall be unable any longer to dwell within the promised land and shall be scattered abroad out of Land of promise. Thus those of the Nations who seek a two state solution within the Land of Israel dividing it betwixt My People and those who seek to establish their state within the Land of Promise and to call their capital city Jerusalem along with the children of Israel shall never succeed in doing so. Israel never again shall be cast out of the Land of Israel and the Land of Israel and My Holy City shall never ever be split into two states or Nations and it is that I say unto the Nations of the Earth whomsoever seeks in any way to force My people to divide Israel in to two states and Jerusalem into two separate Capitals shall suffer the full fury My wrath and anger and I shall curse those Nations that seek to do so to be divided against themselves brother against brother family against family in other word peace shall be taken from their lands leading to civil war. But also I shall curse their lands with plague and famine pestilence and drought fire and whirlwinds so much so that they will regret ever considering to seek to force a two state solution upon the Land of My People this say I whomsoever is for the children of Israel I will bless and protect and cause them to prosper and those who are against My People and do seek to force upon them that which they would never tolerate any one trying to do the same within their own Nation so I say as thou of the Nations would not have done unto thee seek ye not to do it to other Nations especially My People Israel. Thus say I who is for Me and MY people I am for and if I am for thee none shall defeat none stand against thee but and if I am against the thou shalt never stand but shall fall even to the dust of the ground and shall cease from the face of the Earth.

This the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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