Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel to thee at this time that I search out the hearts of mankind unto perfection and do Judge them accord to the thoughts and intents of the whole of the hearts of mankind and thus say I unto thee that the way and the motive for declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel by the American Leader was not for the benefit of the children of Israel or anyone else in the Land of Promise but for his own glory in bringing peace to the Land of Israel to be known as the one who finally brought peace to the Land of Israel. He knew full well the effect it would have on the Middle East and the conflict it would bring by declaring that he and America recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that America would be moving its embassy to Jerusalem as a token of that recognition. But his intention is not to secure the state of Israel and Jerusalem as its capital as the only state in the land of Promise but to bring about a two state solution and because of the conflict it has generated in the region and the animosity it has and is causing in the middle east and amongst the Nations of the World to force upon Israel a two state solution thus bring peace to the whole of the land of Israel and he being given the credit and the glory for the one to finally bring peace to the region and end the Israeli and Palestinian conflict once and for all. How shall he and America accomplish that? First though a question why has America for so long opposed its leaders and contradicted the claims of previous leders and now all of a sudden agreed to support this leader in this declaration of recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital? Thus this is the way he shall do it first seeking by dialog to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians to share on an equal basis the land of Israel and Jerusalem and when that fails which he knows as the Nations know that he will fail then he will threaten Israel’s Government that America shall withdraw its military support in the way of Military hardware supplies which will also fail and then its financial support which will also fail then cometh the sanctions that America will impose on Israel which will bite into Israel’s economy and then as he has done with the Muslims so with Israel and America imposing restrictions on travel between Israel and America . America did it with Russia and he will seek to do what America did to Russia in as far as sanctions were concerned. But he is hoping in the end because Israel is a small state dependent upon American for support that Israel will in the end agree to a two state solution. But it will fail for Israel will never agree to a two state solution. But if there was ever an agreed two state solution the Palestinians will not settle for a two state solution only on a temporary basis but will gradual seek with the support of the Nations to force Israel out of the Land of promise. They don’t want peace they don’t want a two state solution they want the Land of Israel to belong to them lock stock and barrel Israel ejected and the land once again named Palestine. There will never be peace between these two until Israel is no more. Thus say I says the Lord God of Hosts that will never come to pass for whomsoever seeks to remove Israel from the Land I gave them by promise I shall take their land away from them and cause them to become outcasts amongst the Nation never again possessing a land of their own. Israel is Mine and theirs to whom I gave it by inheritance forever and none other people shall ever posses it.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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