Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith Adonai the only true infinite true God and saviour of mankind well it hath been that I warned thee Oh Nations of the Earth of the wrath and anger to come upon the Earth of whirl wind and storms hurricanes Earth Quakes fire and volcanic eruptions of plague and famine of tsunamis of wars and the rumour of wars of brother fighting brother and they of the same house hold becoming enemies of peace starting to depart from the Earth of that which is still to come because of the thy rebellious and wicked hearts and the disobedience to My Holy Law especial My moral Law as is set down in My word and of the breaking of all of My Most Holy Commandments also because of thy unbelief in that thou thought I was like unto thy gods of myth and legend once thy belief in Me ceased I would fade away into myth and legend they were and are not real and can do thee none harm belief in those gods once it fades they to fade but not so with Me saith I AM THAT I AM WHOM IT IS WHO NOW WARNS THEE OF THE WRATH TO COME I AM ETERNAL AND INFINITELY PERFECT IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY BEING IF I EXISTED NOT NEITHER WOULDST THOU BUT THAT CANNOT BE FOR FROM ETERNITY UNTO ETERNITY IAM. Thou whom are a stiff necked hard heart rebellious people even all ye of the Nations of the Earth. I warned thee for over two thousand Earth years and now at this time yet thy hearts remain as hard as the nether millstone thine ears deaf to My Word and thy neck as stiff as an iron pole , thus now it is that as thy hearts have been hardened by thy unbelief so it is that the heaven of heaven shall be as hard as thy hearts even as brass when they cry comes up unto Me to relent of that which shall of a certainty now cause to descend upon the Earth even over two thousand years of filling up the cup of the full fury of My wrath and anger to be poured out upon thee first of all because thou didst turn thy backs upon My offer of redemption when I did as promised gave unto thee the means of the salvation and redemption of the whole of mankind and from thence forth commit all the wicked immoral acts of thou of mankind, towards not only each other but even to all of My creatures. Thus now it shall be that the time of My patience has come to an end and the hope that mankind would turn from its rebellious and wicked and immoral ways repent and return unto Me through the only true Eternal Passover Lamb has come to nought But upon thou of mankind now it is that the consequences of thy wickedness immorality the breaking of My Holy Law and Most Holy Commandments must have the full cup of fury of My wrath and anger of a certainty poured out upon thee even upon all the Nations of the Earth that belong not unto Me. Thus it shall come to pass whether or not thou believest or not it shall be poured out upon all the of the unjust and the just alike for it is only those who belong unto Me shall be passed over like as it was in Egypt when the angel of death seeing the blood of the Passover lamb painted upon the doors and lintels of the hearts of all of those who belong unto Me.

Thi is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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