Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that indeed as hath been set before thee so shall it be accomplished upon all th Nations of the Earth without exception that the cup of My wrath and anger that is ready to be poured out shall begin as hath it begun in times past as is set down in My Word which saith Judgment shall begin at My House which is yet to be restored as it will upon temple mount all of Israel shall be brought before Me and Judge for sins of omission and commission and the whole of Israel shall be cleansed of all that doth pollute it of the Nations of the Earth and all that shall remain shall be in Jerusalem upon temple mount only My Most Holy House which shall restored even the House to My Name which shall reside there forever and thus once Israel once again becomes My People in spirit and in truth when all is restore as it was in the DAYS OF MOSES DAVID AND SOLOMON then shall the pouring out of My wrath and anger go out to all the Nations around about that have been and are against My Holy People and all those that I have thus warned even those Nations that have committed atrocities upon their own people what is to come upon them shall come to pass full measure. Thus say I there shall not remain within the land of Israel that is of the Nations that has in time past polluted Israel and that hath lead My people astray from the Lord their God and redeemer. Thus shall it be that the Nations around about shall be Judged and if found guilty of breaking My Holy Law and Commandments shall have the cup of My wrath and anger poured out upon them. Thus I have set down in My Word for the whole of mankind there was to come a day of reckoning and so it hath dawned and the shall not set until all that is revealed and set down in My Most Holy Word hath be completed unto perfection even all according to My Holy Will and Purposes. Thus shall it be after the Nations of the Middle East are Judged and punished so shall My Judgment go out to the surrounding Nations and as it shall be with Nations of the Middle East so shall it be with all of these Nations. Thus shall I warn the Nations to be Judge of the coming Judgment to befall them so that none may have any excuse that they were not warned of the wrath to come.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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