Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I upon the present Brexit negotiations what I afore set forth unto thee in as far as negotiations over a progressive free trade deal has come to pass they could not present the UK with a progressive advanced trade deal before Brexit was completed which they could have declared so right at the outset but they held back because they feared the first part of negotiations would have either failed or resulted in complete rejection by the UK with the possibility of a hard Brexit result. There are two things that will inevitably cause the UK a hard Brexit or no Brexit at all and they are the terms and conditions of the transition period which leave the EU in full control of the UK without being able disagree and object to what the EU can and cannot impose on the UK during the transition period and also without any partaking and input into the EU council and issues up for discussion even if concerns the UK then there is the delaying of a beneficial trade deal that cannot be negotiated on until the UK has left the so if the EU once it had all it wanted from the UK it could at its own leisure either take its time over negotiations on trade talks or cancelling trade talks altogether if it disagreed with the UK’s proposals on a trade deal that the UK put before the EU. There is also another point that pushes the UK further to a hard Brexit when the final deal with the EU is put to parliament and that is everything it seems is in the EU’s favour and not Britain’s parliament rejects out of hand the deal the EU is offering the UK for this deal thus far is totally in the EU’s favour for the UK has had to agree no matter how it is presented, to an EU Irish North South Border and a financial settlement agreeable to the EU a transitionary period whose terms and conditions are set down by the EU and a trade deal as elusive as thy scarlet pimpernel of thy mythology. So it might well be asked what if any benefit is being brokered for the UK. The UK unless it goes for a hard Brexit might as well not have a Brexit at all. A Brexit dictated to by the EU as this is what it is if agreed by the UK Government is not going to be truly concluded for the next eight years and in effect it is no Brexit at all even worse it leaves the EU virtually in charge of the UK for the next eight years with no recourse to object to anything the EU as a whole agrees on and then there is the Spanish Border question to top it all off what happens if Spain insists on a Irish type border or what it real wants the Rock of Gibraltar becoming part of Spain. Te Brexit in the end will be a one sided Brexit in favour of the EU, thus on the surface it is that the UK is giving everything the EU wants from the UK meeting alll its red lines and giving nothing in return and what also has the UK given to the EU since Britain joined the EU and what in effect has the EU given to Britain over the years since joining it is now and has been a one way street the EU’s way and this is and has been all along a one way street the EU of which the UK government has given into the EU at every stage of the negotiations! Is this the type of Brexit demanded by the British public in the referendum?

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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