Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as I put before thee in times past there is only one way to leave he EU and that now needs to be applied it is either remain within the EU which the EU negotiators are seeking to get by hook or crook Britain to stay within the EU and the single market and the customs Union and have the financial trade passport that thou doth have within the EU or leave without any deal whatsoever which in effect means leaving without any further negotiations taking control of Brexit and tell the EU its either Britain has a beneficial deal with the EU that benefits both sides equally in as far as every aspect of the negotiations are concerned and not just the EU of which at the moment it seems that the only side to benefit in these negotiations when Britain Leaves is the EU for at the moment the EU is offering nothing to the UK and demanding all that it said it wanted at the outset of the negotiations by setting down a red line beyond which it will not go and which has been reiterated by the EU’s Chief negotiator. If the EU is offering to give nothing to the UK the UK in return should state that all the demands that the EU wants for Brexit is off the table as so to speak if the EU wants to play hard ball so should the UK. The saying goes nothing given nothing gained if the EU is not prepared to give anything to the UK neither should the UK give anything back in return it should be on both side give and take not just one side giving and one side taking which is the situation at the moment with the EU. If the UK left the EU right now it would better of than it would be if these negotiations carried on the way they are now. In fact the UK will in the end be the looser off and the EU the gainer. The only way that the EU wants to deal with Britain after it leaves is the same as any other Nation and taking from the UK as much as it can get without giving anything in return. The politicians must take the scales from their eyes and look at the way the negotiation have progressed until no and open their eyes to reality. It is either a hard Brexit or No Brexit the EU wants no Brexit the UK doesn’t want a hard Brexit and neither does the EU so who at the moment is in reality in charge of these negotiations who is really in control if they could see it of these negotiations at the moment at the moment putting it in the light of one of thy football matches the score would be two one to the UK but with the UK on the defensive and in danger of losing the match when it should be on the attack to score the winning goal.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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