Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord of Host even Adonai the only source of all life in the Universe the Creator of all that is was and ever shall be and without whom nothing that does exist can exist in whom the whole mankind lives and moves and has their being the God and creator of the Universe the c4reaures of the sea the fowl of the air and the creatures that exist upon the ground of all of the Earth from the creatures beyond the sight of mankind to the great beast of the Earth and seas and oceans. As said I have Judge those Nations of North and south America and have thus far begun to punish them according to the Just Judgement wherewith I have Judged them found them wanting and have begun to execute the punishment which is their due which shall be fulfilled even according to the punishment due for the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments and for their sins/crimes of commission and omission as said none no one at this time no not one Nation shall escape MY Just Judging of them until all hath been completed according to that set down in My Word and also according to My Will and purposes for the generation of mankind that now exist upon the Earth that have hardened their heart shut up their ears and blinded their eyes to My Most Holy Word and the warnings sent out that if mankind did not turn from its wicked perverse and immoral ways the full fury of My wrath and anger would be poured out upon them thus mankind now must drink the cup of My wrath and anger down unto the dregs thereof. But it is that one Nation or a union of Nations North of those Nation recently I have forewarned of My Judgement to come upon them of which it most sure will do so from the mouth of the Gulf of Oman unto the shore of Kuwait that thus far they have thought they have been passed over and that I have forgotten their crimes of the murdering of innocent civilians in Syria and their part in the crimes of the Syrian regimes crimes against its own people I have neither forgotten their part in the devastation in that land nor that done in Aleppo the blood of those murdered in that City cry out from the ground how long before thou will descend upon them the Just Judgment which is their Due and My reply is just a little while longer and all that is to be done shall be accomplished as it will for all the Nations of the Earth and this Western Civilization that wallows in the pit of plenty and luxury and waste resources on that which is of little or no value with many millions of the Earth living in destitution and poverty. For the crimes of this civilization in its neglect of the poor down trodden and destitute of the Earth the end and fall of this civilization is in sight and great shall be the fall thereof.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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