Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus as I hath said unto thee and has been confirmed by the Brexit Chief EU negotiator there will be no trade deal in reality begun before the UK leaves the EU all preliminary negotiations are of as much worth as was the deal negotiated by the former Prime Minister which of course lead to the referendum and unless a trade deal is legally signed sealed and delivered by the EU which by the EU’s negotiators statement which excludes financial services an offer therefore of a promised negotiated future deal is as of as little value as steam from a boiling kettle. So thus far all the efforts of the present Government to secure a progressive constructive trade deal which included financial services has in reality come to nothing and virtually been an exercise in futility being ignored except in word only with empty promises so that the EU can ensure that the UK delivers its commitments and the price of the Brexit; as thou wouldst put; divorce bill it bill required by the EU so infect the only Brexit that the UK can look forward to in the end no matter what the UK offers the EU is a HARD BREXIT, the only alternative thou art well aware of and would if ever considered the public reaction would be to class this Government as traitors in as far as betraying the wishes voted on in the referendum of which even many of the remainers would be of the same opinion. It would be a breaking of one of the main democratic principles of the UK that whatsoever the outcome of a public vote that the Government in power has to respect and adhere to is the wishes of the British public signified by the referendum vote result.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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