Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus hath it been written in My Word that I should send unto thee Elijah the prophet before that great and terrible day that I hath ordained to come upon the inhabitants of the Earth to turn the hearts of their parents to their children and their children unto their parents lest I strike the whole Earth with a curse. Many there are who declare that this one hath before appeared at the time of Herod whom was beheaded and ye thought that his appearing was but one to herald the coming of the promised one who was to come to bring redemption not only to Israel but unto all the Nations which hath been fulfilled and that time of redemption is coming to a close and that day that great and terrible day which I have ordained to befall the whole of mankind hath already begun and as said shall be completed until all hath been fulfilled as revealed and set down in My Word. Thus at this time shall be descended upon the whole of mankind as afore said My Just Judgment upon all thos3e who are sorcerers and adulterers and false witnesses and also upon all of those who oppress the weak the sick the elderly the disabled the poor and the needy and upon those who deprive the labourers of their just and rightful wages even all of those that use false measures who over price their products making them beyond the reach of the poor and destitute who have to beg to exist at all, upon all of the workers of inequity who take pleasure in all manner of wicked immoral depraved practices none at this time shall escape My Just Judgement the time of leniency is over My patience has reached its end and the time of wrath and anger and the executing of My Just Judgement of all of humanity is now begun. Thus it is for the whole of humanity this is but the beginning of the My great and terrible and dreadful day. O Israel forget not the covenant I made with thee through Moses on Horeb with all of the ordinances and the statues and the Judgments and what would come upon thee if thou didst fail to keep all of them as set down and revealed unto thee by him and written down take heed consider thy ways O Israel least I visit upon thee the full fury of My wrath and anger turn ye and do all that I have commanded ye to do in as far as that covenant I made with thee upon Horeb is concerned and I shall return unto thee and thou unto Me.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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