Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time as concerning the pollution of the oceans with a material produced by mankind that is destroying ocean life and injuring not only the fish of the seas but the birds of the air and which will as hath been discovered affect humanity itself. But who in effect shall I hold accountable for creating this harmful pollution to all sea going life is it the consumer who I shall hold to account or is it the manufacturers or is it the scientist that shall have to answer for their invention of the material that has and is causing so much harm in the oceans. I can see every iota of the effects that this product of mankind is having on the lives of My creation and I shall hold those who are responsible for causing this destruction of marine life and shall punish all according to My Holy Law and Commandments. But I say this who ultimately is responsible for this type of pollution and harm caused in the first place it is the scientists who invented it without taking into account or for thought of the effect the distribution of their invention would have on all of creation on humanity and even the oceans and seas and of the Earth and marine life those of humanity who rely on the ocean for their livelihood the birds and the mammals whose very existence depends upon the sea. Then there are the manufacturers who have used this invention for gain distributing it without also taking into account the use and distribution and disposal of their product at the end of its life span without making sure it could be safely disposed of without any harm coming to the environment by researching the product from the beginning to the end of its life span and then there are those who buy and use the product without taking due care in the disposal of the containers wrapping and other forms the material was manufactured into. All I say this, are responsible for the devastation it has caused and is causing and I shall as afore said hold all to account and if there is no justifiable reason for causing the harm either directly or indirectly which there isn’t then they shall be punished and those of the scientific community and the space agencies that have caused the pollution of the Earth’s orbit. As I said I would do if nothing was done to rectify and clean up that pollution of the orbit of the Earth so shall I do even to extent of causing the destruction of thy space station. In as far as the punishment of those guilty of causing the pollution of the seas and oceans of the Earth causing death and destruction to all marine life I shall in no way hold back till all have been held to account.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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