Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee O great Mountains that are the pride of the Earth who sits in the midst of the Nations of the Earth towering in pride over all other Nations claiming because of thy great might that none can stand against thee to cast thee down thou knowest of whom I speak those whose hearts are so filled with pride that they exalt themselves to the heights of heaven of heavens over and against even the King of Kings and Lord of Lords the only true living redeemer. Thou art on that path others like unto thee have taken even to the extent of calling themselves gods thinking that even the God and creator of the Universe cannot bring them down to the dust of the ground and unto total destruction thus thou O mighty mountains as thou considers thy self invulnerable unable to be cast down and destroyed look to the past and from the Tower of Babel and the pride of Nimrod who thought to build in his pride a tower to reach the heavens to seeking in his pride to try to destroy Me thinking that I am as he and the rest of mankind a person of flesh and blood limited to time and space whom could die as any other human being. Look unto Babylon and the Persian Empires look unto the fall of Rome when its Emperor claimed he was a god and immortal and the empires since Rome that have risen and fallen, they have risen in humility decency consideration for others in morality and righteousness in obedience to those basic commandments set down in My Word for all the Nations of the Earth to adhere to and then when pride hath filled their hearts because of their accomplishments and their wealth and their power think of themselves as indestructible and none can stand against them and that their civilization because of its advancements will last forever come to believe they have no need of Me nor need to obey My Holy law and commandments especially My Moral Law cast off all restraint morally as this civilization has done and that none can bring it down nor destroy it that all can do as they wish without suffering the consequences of their actions and no one can say nay unto them even I Myself saith the Lord of Host. Just because I have held back My wrath and anger from causing the destruction of this civilization I cannot and will not cause it to fall! It shall fall it shall be brought down unto the dust of the ground and destroyed to be no more. First that Nation that exalts itself as doth its Leader to the heights of the heaven of heavens shall fall by Mine own hand it shall become a Nation no more a desolation and empty land a land where mankind is almost extinct because it hath heeded not My warnings unto it and because of its pride its immorality; by that I mean that standard of morality as is revealed in My most Holy Law and Commandments; The majority of the Nations of the Earth hath sown the seeds of immorality great wickedness depravity unbelief and disobedience to My Most Holy Law and Commandments revealed and written down in My Word and now the crop of thy disobedience is ready to be harvested to be cut down and cast into the fire where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the rest of the mighty Nations of the Earth which exalt themselves to the heights of the heaven of heavens also fall never to rise again.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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