Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens unto thee as concerning the pollution of the oceans and seas a lesson must thou learn from Me as concerning the pollution of thine oceans. I have returned unto thy coastlands that which thou hast polluted the oceans and seas of the Earth with not only plastic materials but also many other kinds of material thou has cast into the sea that thou hath polluted it with for years the warning of which were before thine eyes in the death of the sea creature that have been cast upon thy shores unwilling to return to an ocean and sea that mankind hath polluted not only with human rubbish but also toxic waste The seas and oceans are not thy rubbish dumps into which thou can cast all thy waste and rubbish even thy toxic materials. Thus it shall be that all thou hast cast into the seas and oceans as in the past so now and in the future I shall cleans the oceans and seas of the Earth of thy rubbish and waste by casting all of it upon thy shores and beaches the more thou doth cast into the sease and oceans the more shall be cast upon thy beaches and coastlands until I have cleansed the oceans and seas of all that pollutes it so in effect all thy coast lands and beaches shall in effect turn into rubbish dumps the rubbish thou hast cast into the seas and oceans. I treasure all the creatures and marine life and the birds that live of the seas and oceans and as thou has so done unto them I shall do unto thee. All that thou hast had cast upon thy shore and beach is but a fraction of that which I will cast forth and as I shall do with the seas so shall I do with all the space debris I shall cast it down back unto the Earth seeing that My Word unto thee hath fallen upon deaf ears and hard and unbelieving hearts even to the extent of cleansing the whole of that which doth pollute the space around the Earth all thy debris shall be return unto thee forth with be assured it will be so. This will continue until thou doth learn to respect and look after and care for the oceans and seas and all that they contain and all that lives in and off them.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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