Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I as said for Brexit to succeed for the whole of the UK is that the whole of this Nation has to be United as one whole Nation and Government, if not then Brexit for the UK and the whole of the EU will be a disaster. Britain now is fixed whether it likes it or not on the path it is on now and one way or another good deal or bad Britain will leave the EU the destiny of Britain has been set by Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation. Both leavers and remainers now have to come to terms that Britain is leaving the EU as also those in the EU have to come to terms with this fact also. The problem with a divided Nation is that sooner or later it will tear the whole of the UK apart starting with the Government and the divisions which are becoming more and more self evident as the bickering and arguments are beginning intensify to the extent of get out of reasonable control. That also the division between leavers and remainers is beginning to intensify that as it gets near and nearer to the time when the negotiations come to an end and the final deal offered by the EU is presented to parliament and the resulting protests which will arise when the final deal is also presented to the public which will anger the leavers if it is in the remainers favour and if it is in the leavers favour will anger the remainers the real problems will arise when and if the protest begin they get out of control resulting in open conflict. As also the division between the various self govern Nations and the central government of the UK and without a strong government and leadership unable to Unite parliament and the country behind it so that the UK is unable as it is now to display a strong united front as to which way the UK wants these negotiations to go and end. The UK is heading for a disaster of such proportions that in the end there will be no United Kingdom and if no United Kingdom eventually no United Europe. As many have said the UK is a integral part of Europe though it is an Island Kingdom of Nations and as the UK is and integral part of Europe so also is the Europe and integral part of the UK and both though separating because of the difference in the ways each wants to govern their Union yet each if being prepared to work together for a better future could not only benefit their own Union of Nations but could also benefit each other being separate but in the main United not only for the benefit of themselves but for the World at large.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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