Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God and creator of the Universe at this time in as far as the pollution of the oceans and seas of the Earth are concerned thy efforts to stop the pollution of the Earth seas and oceans that are affecting the marine life of the oceans the fish the mammals and the birds that depend upon for their existence is insufficient there needs to be brought to an end using the Oceans and the seas as thy rubbish dump and as a fore said all that exists in the seas shall be returned unto thy beaches and shores of all the Nations of the Earth that have access to the sea but think ye in land thou wilt escape many Nations and inland cities have tidal rivers and water ways these to will be affected until there is a major effort by all the Nations to cleanse the seas and oceans. But not only will the shore and beaches suffer so will all of those who depend upon the oceans and seas for a living soon if nothing is done to protect marine life there will be a repercussion in the form of a marine famine in other words the fish stocks of the oceans and seas I will reduce drastically as punishment for thine abuse of the seas and oceans. But if thine efforts are multiplied to clean up the oceans and seas then My wrath and anger will be held in abeyance for a while and once I see that thine efforts are producing results then will the fruitfulness of the seas and oceans be returned unto thee. But still there is the matter of the debris or rubbish circling the Earth of which I warned thee that this also hath to be dealt with by those responsible if not then I will deal with in either of two ways one by causing all the debris and rubbish to be cast down to the surface of the Earth including all thy satellites and space station or by a massive solar flare circling the Earth burning everything in orbit out of existence which will in effect cause the surface of the Earth to suffer greatly. Rather would I have it that mankind cleaned up it own orbital mess but of a surety it will be one way or the other either I will do as said or mankind deals with it.

This is the Word of the Lord Go unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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