Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that many of thy scientist blame what they call global warming on the increase of greenhouse gasses of co2 emissions’ and of industrial pollution ascending into the atmosphere and the chemical waste disposal into the rivers and seas and have done so over the past generations from the beginning of the industrial revolution. Indeed the beginning of the industrial revolution began in many respects what the scientists call global warming to begin to increase slowly at first and then exponentially until now it is at the pace its now and will increase in speed. But thy scientists have been searching for an answer as to what is the causing of global warming as they call it in the wrong direction. Thus say I unto thee what they call term as the cause of global warming I say it is mankind’s destruction of Nature as the cause by mankind’s pollution of the atmosphere by industry and by the multimillion vehicle emissions that rise up into the atmosphere daily and other such pollutants mankind has released in the past into the atmosphere and also upon the land and in the seas and oceans but still these are but in a sense products of the real cause of what thou doth call global warming The real culprit of what thou doth call global warming is that which causes the destruction of forests and grass lands of farmlands of agriculture which is the creation and expansion of large towns and the expansion of cities but by mainly cities which are now expanding on a daily basis taking up more and more of the Natural environment. The destruction of what thou doth call Nature itself My creation. Why do I say thy cities because of the pollution they produce but mainly because of the land they destroy when they expand and grow without being aware of nor caring about the consequences. The forest the trees the grass the flowers even the weeds the moorlands all of that Natural beauty of the Earth thou doth admire is not just for show it is the Earth lungs and what happens in human beings when their lung capacity is reduced or they lose a lung so also with the Earth but more so with the Earths lungs they deal to a vast extent with the pollutants in the atmosphere they breath in carbon dioxide and with it other pollutants and breath out purified air for mankind and the creatures of the Earth to breathe without them life on Earth cannot exist. So also with the oceans and the seas in recycling the water evaporating it from the seas and depositing it in condensed rain upon the Earth and the rivers purify it as it travels down to the sea ready to be harnessed and used by mankind upon which mankind relies upon to live and without which will cease to exist. Thou hast seen what polluted water does to a Nation what would happen if instead of cleans water falling as rain polluted water fell upon the land what devastating effect would it have on mankind and this will happen if pollution of the seas and oceans does not cease and be reduced Thus say I as the encroaching cities devour more land reducing the Earth lungs so also the pollutants cast by mankind into the seas not only kill marine life but reduce the seas and oceans ability to cause the natural evaporation process to continue unhampered which reduces water pollutants which is the same with the air from the forests and plants. The more pollutants and carbon dioxide emission are released into the atmosphere without the forests and the whole of the natural environment being able to convert it to breathable air or oxygen then it has and will result in the climate heating up. By reducing the size of cities and cultivating more and more land giving it back to Nature can help to stem the rise in global warming as they scientist call it but it will not halt it till all damaging pollutants are band. But the reduction of global warming though halted will take centuries to reduce if ever at all. But there is now one last warning as to what I shall do if mankind refuses to reverse mankind’s destruction of the Natural environment and pollution of the seas and oceans I shall cause to rain down upon mankind death and destruction. So the danger mankind posses to his own existence will not in the end destroy mankind. But it is that as promised in My Word the old Earth shall indeed pass away and a new Heavens and Earth be created in its place. Where there is no death or disease or growing old for all upon that Earth shall be immortal and live forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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