Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Creation unto thee at this time as concerning the protests in Iran and the interference by the American Government and its Leader and his careless rhetoric will he be so forth right in his rhetoric when and if there are repercussions from the government and the revolutionary guard which could cause that Nation to sink into a civil war or if the Government of Iran take punitive measures and start to suppressing the protestors by force of arms causing the death of thousands of their people, yea indeed he may voice his objections and further his rhetoric in support of the protestors which will cause more harm than good along with the UN which will condemn the Iranian Government and do nothing to stop the violence or bring an end to a possible civil war. But if the actions of the Government and the revolutionary guard did through taking such punitive measures cause the protests to turn extremely violent and take up arms which could end up eventually in a civil war would America come to the aid of the those that are seeking to bring down the government and bring an end to the revolutionary guard or would America and its Leader sit on the side lines as they did with the Syrian regime and watch it massacre their people as did the Syrian regime the Syrian people. Better to refrain from carless rhetoric if there is no intention to practically aid the Iranian people if the protest turns into a civil war or into a massacre of the Iranian protestors. For except for aiding the protestors if civil war erupts there is little or nothing America can and will do same with the UN. There is a distinct possibility if any action is taken to aid the protestors by Western Nations in a practical way could be seen as western interference in the internal affairs of Iran by other Nations of the Middle Eastern states that are of the same religion causing them to side with the Iranian Government against what it will term as Western aggression taking into account the past actions against others of the same Faith taken by the American Leader. If the Western Nations don’t want to get embroiled in what could end up as a religious civil war then it would be best for the moment for the Iranian Government and people to sort-out their own internal problems.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.


from the prophet of the Lord

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