Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee at this time I say unto all who needlessly kill or cruelly treat any of My creatures through any means whatsoever either by hunting or poaching wild creatures of the Jungles, plains or grasslands of any Nation upon Earth or from the oceans and seas lakes rivers deserts or wastelands be they animals, fish, birds, reptiles or insects or by capturing and imprisoning them for the purpose of profit or gain they shall indeed suffer My Just Judgement and the full fury of My wrath and anger and also shall in this life suffer a most horrendous death at Mine own hand by disease by accident as thou wouldst call it by famine and plague whirlwind and fire of such epic proportions that they will cry out unto Me for mercy and it shall be I shall show them the mercy they have shown unto My creatures and in the life after death they shall be cast into the bottomless pit forever that which thou calls hell, these shall not survive and there shall be no place on Earth whereby they can hide from Me saith the Holy one of Israel, but also those lands or Nations or countries that harbour such as commit these crimes shall also suffer My wrath and anger full force through plague and famine and diseases whether knowingly harbour them or not there shall be no excuse for protecting or profiting from such as these and that excludes no one whatsoever there is no excuse for killing needlessly My creatures or cruel treating them or imprisoning them in such environments that is such that causes their deaths or distresses them in any way whatsoever. Thus it shall be also I shall indeed descend soon upon those Nations that are the most guilty of these crimes My wrath and anger shall be such that I shall strike these Nations with storms and hurricanes and whirlwinds with Earthquake and with fire until they are either destroyed or they cast out all who do commit such crimes against My creatures and Myself for all the creatures go out from Me and at death return unto Me in spirit and in truth and each and every one that doth die I know how where and when and how they died and by whom. All the creatures upon the face of the Earth are precious unto Me as are all of lives of Mankind and I say again I have no joy in the death even of the wicked but My Just Judgment must be executed upon all who break My Holy Law and Commandments especially in as far as the creatures of the Earth are concerned.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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