Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto My people Israel that are indeed true Israelites for not all who dwell in the Land of promise are true Israelites but are only so physically and not spiritually who do not worship Me saith the Lord of Host nor do adhere to all of My Holy Law and Commandments as is set down in the Torah nor do take heed of the writings of the prophets and of the writing of King David and of his son Solomon but indeed take heed and follow after the ways of the Nations who do not truly know Me. This do I say unto all who are true Israelites take hold of thy possession and thy rightfull inheritance for the Name given unto thee by the Nations of the Earth is derived but from one tribe of Israel when there are twelve who are yet to posses their rightful inheritance in the Land of Promise given to Abraham and his descendants through promise as a possession forever. Thus say I unto thee My People return unto Me and obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments as set down in the Torah and I shall return unto thee. But I do say unto those who are Israelites in Name only who follow after the ways of the Nations thou if thou doth not forsake the ways of the Nations and return unto Me I shall indeed cast thee forth from the Land of Promise for Israel is alone the possession of those who are indeed the true Children of Israel the true children of promise who are so in Spirit and in truth and whom I shall alone bless and prosper and surround them about and overshadow them with My presence they alone shall be children unto Me and I a Father unto them and as a father shall indeed protect them from all harm and alarm and from all of their enemies for whomsoever doth come up against Israel doth come up against Me and whomsoever comes up against Me shall not stand but shall be utterly and totally destroyed and wiped from the face of the Earth. Israel is Mine and My peoples and theirs alone and they alone shall posses it from this time forth even forever more. Thus say I forget not Elijah and the promise given.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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