Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the Hosts of the Heaven of heavens thus hath the fury of My wrath and anger hath struck the Nations of the Earth for their disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments for the Immorality, iniquity, depravity and great wickedness that exists in all the Nations of the Earth and so shall it go on until all the Nations have been Judged and punished thus Judgement shall go from one Nation to another and they shall reap the harvest of the seeds they have sown even whirlwind and fire earthquake and famine and plague diseases and coming of vast storms and tidal waves of such height that they shall cleanse the land whereon they strike. Thus it is that which has thus far struck and is striking one Nation is but a foretaste of that which is to befall it. Thou it was who did not heed the warnings given and even now thou wilt not take heed an turn from thy great wickedness and immorality and from thy disobedience to all of My Most Holy Law and commandments and thus I say because thou dist not take heed but hardened thy hearts and stopped up thine ears and blinded thine eyes refusing to see that which was right in front of thine eyes denying My very existence and I did say if thou didst not take heed what the consequence would be if thou sowed to the wind that thou would reap the whirlwind of My Hot displeasure and the fury of My wrath and anger and I said unto thee if thou were warned and heeded not My Word put before thee that thy blood would be upon thine own heads and thus it is that thou was warned and thou did not and hast not listened and taken heed and turned from thy Wicked Immoral and perverse and depraved and disobedient ways and that which is to come which will place that which is now coming to pass and that which hath come to pass in comparison to that which is to befall the Nations but like unto a summers breeze before the harshest of winter storms strikes, in effect that which is coming to pass now is but the calm before the storm a storm of the full fury of My wrath and anger that is to be poured out upon the Nations of the Earth one by one starting with the most perverse, immoral, wicked and depraved Nation upon the face of the Earth that is blatantly breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments who believes I am but a myth created by those who seek to delude and lead astray and have power over others a creation of the false faiths and the mythologies of mankind a figment of mankind’s imagination who now will soon come to realise and know that I am not and that I am as real as thou art even infinitely more as I created mankind in Mine own image spiritual before they fell perfect in every way therefore take that perfect image and expand it in every way unto infinity and thou wilt but have a very minute idea with whom thou hast to do especially when I do strike those who believe not with the full fury of My Hot displeasure, wrath and anger and cause their fall even unto the depths of sheol forever. The doors of heaven shall be shut up the heavens will become as brass to the inhabitants of the Earth until all that is revealed in My Word hath been fulfilled unto perfection as concerning these days now upon thee if at this late hour repentance is not forth coming and by late hour I mean but days thy days not Mine. Remember the promise of Elijah in My Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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