Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Adonai the true and only Living God unto thee even at this time as concerning the Judging of the Nations and the striking of My swift terrible sharp sword, thus far have I express unto thee My wrath and anger that shall before the Nations one by one and have thus far struck the Nation with whirlwind and with storms and with the trembling of the Earth beneath the feet of the people of various Nations these have not been full force as they were but a warning that if thou dist not turn from thy great wickedness immorality and disobedience of My Holy Law and Commandments that which would follow would be far worse than that which I have thus far sent upon thee. But as ye did a fore in as far as these warnings were concerned thou didist harden thy heart stop up thin ears and blinded thine eyes to that word which was put before thee one of the reasons being thou dist submit to the teachings of thy scientist who teach those disasters came not out from Me but were acts of Nature but even now they are becoming convinced there is more at work than just acts of Nature but still thou doth hearken unto them and sit at ease in thy compliancy believing sooner of later it will end and all will go back to normal and thou can get on with thy lives as before, how do the deceivers deceive themselves into believing a lie. It is that this as said is but the beginning of troubles and that worse is to follow so much so that thou cannot even imagine what is to come disaster after disaster famine flood tidal waves the size of high rise blocks of flats, pestilence and diseases such as the Earth has suffer afore especial Britain and Europe and London when the great fire consumed much of London and the black plague that struck most of Europe and Britain which came at that time because of the great wickedness disobedience to My Holy and Moral Law and their great unbelief Idolatry and the practice of those who delved in that which they should not have. Much in the same way thy scientists are doing and what they are teaching at this time. But I say unto thee that which is to come upon the disobedient unbelieving and wicked, immoral Nations of the Earth as compared to that which has gone on before shall pale into insignificance as to that which shall strike the wicked gainsaying immoral disobedient unbelieving Nations that I said I would Judge and punish according to My Holy Law and Commandments one by one. I ask thee what indeed caused the demise of the Aztecs of South America even their wicked rituals Idolatry immorality and the worshiping of false Gods and human sacrifices, but ye may say the Spaniards that landed there cause that to happen nay not so they were as with others that landed in America North and South were used to punish and eventual destroy them, even as the Roman Empire was used to punish My People for their disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments and other Nations and tribes were used to cause Rome’s demise such has it been throughout history. Empires have risen got over confident proud boastful saying nought can defeat them and cast them down and they can do as they wish in all the Earth their immorality rebellion great wickedness knows no bound and then it is I warn them to turn from their wicked immoral ways but they stop up their ears harden their hearts blind their eyes and then the final wickedness burst from their lips even the God of the heaven of heavens cannot defeat them cannot cast them down and then it is the Full fury of My wrath and anger is aroused and it is reluctantly that I Judge them and bring them and their Empire down unto destruction even unto the dust of the ground. So shall it be with all Nations Kingdoms Empires that rebel against Me saith Holy One of Israel who break My Holy Laws and Commandments and commit all manner of immorality and great wickedness. Thus say I if I refrain not from punishing Mine own people and Nation when they commit great wickedness immorality idolatry and rebel against Me Their creator think I will refrain from punishing the Nations of the Earth for their great wickedness immorality disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments. If thou dost think that think again for the punishment of the Nations shall be a hundred fold worse than I would punish them.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee


from the prophet of the Lord

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