Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Holy One of Israel that what thy Prime Minister hath done in the actions taken in as far as the Governments Cabinet is concerned emphasises the weakness of the government contrary as to that which was intended show which is solidarity and strength especially the Prime ministers leadership. Thus say I what was lost in the last election in as far as this government is concerned can never be regained and as I said that if the Government would even obey and adhere to all My Holy Laws and Commandments not only would I have strengthen this government but I would have also prospered them and this country in all of its and their endeavours but they did not take heed or listen unto Me saith the only true Living Redeemer and Creator but instead they stopped up their ears and blinded their eyes to My Law and Commandments and I warned them that if they did this even walk contrary to My Holy Will and purposes that I would cast them down even unto the dust of the ground and instead of prospering the Government in all of their endeavours that there would be nought but failure and disaster and in the end if they remained in power they would lead this Nation down poverties slippery slope. The best action this government now can take is either to hearken unto that which I afore said unto them or resign and hold a General Election and allow another to take their place. In as far as Brexit is concerned the only outcome under their governance is a hard one and none other. As I said if this government doth take none heed of My Word unto them that the outcome of Brexit would be one and one only. All everyone hast to do is to look at the present track record of this government since the last snap General Election where this country is going to end up if this government does not change direction or there is not a new Government is in place before the direction that this Nation is going in is irreversible. Remember the maritime saying rats deserting a ship are the first signs that it is about to sink. Look unto the Buisness abd Trade sectors.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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