Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith He who hath created the Heavens and the Heavens of Heavens who sitteth upon the throne of His glory He who hath mapped out the stars and the planets in their places and set them in their course unto all of mankind hearken and take heed of all My Words that I have and shall set before thee from this time forth even the Word as concerning My Holy Law and Commandments as are so set down in that covenant I made with Israel to obey them from the heart and through them commanded the whole of mankind also to obey all of the Laws and Commandments set therein and that any who do break and or disobey any or all of My Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Law written in the Word delivered not only to the whole of Israel but unto all of mankind that dwelleth upon the Face of the Earth to obey them but if they obey them not shall by Me be accounted accursed and in this life My Just Judgment shall descend upon them and when they come before Me at the end of their Lives shall be Judged by that same Law and Commandments as so set down in My Holy Covenant every jot and title shall be applied unto them and if they fail to meet any and all of the requirements of My Holy Law Commandments perfectly shall be therefore banished to the pit and into the blackness of darkness of the pit forever wherein the light of life exists not, but all of those who by faith do meet through the blood of the only true Passover Lamb even the Messiah shall enter into the Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens to receive their rich reward and to dwell before My Throne forever to be at last true, pure and perfect children of the Living God. Even I who AM THAT I AM put before thee these Words. But be assured even as it is so set down in My Word so shall all be fulfilled as written therein as concerning that which is now to come upon all of the Earth even upon the whole mankind who take none heed of the Word so set before them even to obey from the heart by Faith all the words of My Holy Law and Commandments especially even I say these Words unto My People that I command all the Words of the Covenant I made with Israel by My servant Moses to be read out before all of Israel and if they upon hearing all of the Word of the covenant I made with on Horeb and obey them from the Heart I shall forgive them of all their sins and transgression and the crime of breaking that covenant and once again they shall truly be My People and I their Saviour and redeemer and they shall once more be the Children of the Living God. But and if they heed not as I have so said unto the disobedient Nations of the Earth they shall be by Me counted accursed and shall no longer be My People and I shall no longer be their God and saviour and redeemer and all of those who take heed and do obey and adhere to all the Words of the Covenant even the covenant that I made with Israel shall remain within the Land of Promise and all who do not shall be cast out and be banished from the Land of Promise forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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